About Us


Our team at RÊVE Media understands the excitement experienced when you are ready to promote your hot new listing! Or, on the other hand, the frustration when you have a listing that is not selling. We strive to create the digital marketing you need  to attract more potential buyers.

Whether you are looking for a basic set of photos for MLS or the full real estate virtual experience, we have a variety of packages for you to choose from. We would be happy to help figure out what would be best for your listing and price point!


Every picture that you receive is actually a blending of multiple pictures that were shot in different settings. We use multiple flashes to light the rooms and show the correct color of the house, without any misinterpretation. This is then blended with various ambient shots accommodating the lighting of each part of the room. The result is a perfectly lit representation of the house. Each photo is then post-processed through multiple software, and ready for you 24 hours after the shoot.


Included in any package is a convenient cloud link with all the photos, a zip file with all the photos, large size photos for print, and MLS size photos. Also, for any branded product you receive an unbranded version as well. Prices are set for 3,000 square foot and below. (Only $50 more for every additional 1,000 square foot.)