Aren Magarian’s company grew to 100 Million Dollars in 4 years.

Aren Magarian is truly a multi-talented personality. He is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, author and also a financial knowledge activist. He is very well known for his Construction Projects. 

Magarian is an Armenian. He moved to America with nothing. Three years later he started his own construction company. His company is now worth over 100 Million Dollars. He spends a lot of his money on investments and has many real estate development ventures. He has various property management projects running throughout America. His assets include big apartment complexes, and hotels.

During the early years Aren had been faced with many challenges, such as a language barrier, being criticized for being middle eastern, etc., but it never stopped him. Instead, it made him work even harder. His net worth is now over 125 million dollars. 

Today Aren Magarian is guiding several companies in all aspects of the business. He is personally involved in all acquisitions, dispositions, other material transactions, and maintains a hands on management of Laser Fix, which has a commercial real estate portfolio in excess of 9,200,000 Sq. ft. in 9 USA states.

Although his main trade of business is real estate and he sees that as his backbone, he has ventured off into other business trades. As an entrepreneur, he loves to challenge himself and maintains a dream of having a vast enterprise expanding across many businesses.


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